"I had such an awesome experience working with Bryan Mobley and his team! From start to finish, the process was quick and seamless. Mr. Mobley is a very personable, attentive, and knowledgeable attorney. He did everything within his power to ensure that I got the maximum settlement for my case. I also loved the great customer service I received from his staff, especially Tiffany. She responded promptly to my calls and emails to answer any questions that I had. My overall experience was great! I will be contacting Mr. Mobley for cases in the future as needed." ~ Antoinette Rooks

"Thank you for representing me for my auto accident. This was my first accident in over 20 years and Bryan Mobley & staff made the process easy and settled my case quickly." ~ Monterey Ford

"I wanted to write a letter of recommendation for excellent service and exceeding my expectations on several occasions over the last few years. My last experience was handled quickly and correctly from beginning to end. I highly recommend Bryan Mobley and Mobley & Brown, LLP." ~ Wendell Stokes

"Choosing Bryan Mobley and Mobley & Brown, LLP, Attorneys & Counselors at Law was one of the best pieces of advice that I have taken over the years. No problems were encountered. Everything went very smoothly. I will not hesitate to recommend or use them again if necessary." ~Phyllis Woods

"Working with the Law Firm of Mobley & Brown and Myron Brown was an effortless experience for me. I let him take the lead on all issues that camp up, after telling my truth. His knowledge, patience and good listening skills paid off big time in court with a judgement in my favor. Yes, thank you to the Law Firm of Mobley & Brown!." ~ D. Barrett

"Mr. Mobley and his team handled my car accident before so I had to hire them again. Mr. Mobley settled both cases in a timely manner. If I need legal help, I call his team first! They are the best. Thanks Mr. Mobley." ~ Akeara Mack

" I was referred to Attorney Myron T. Brown by a friend, and I must say I was lucky to have chosen him. His intellect and profound knowledge of materials are extraordinary. The Office staff is very reliable and professional. Made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I will definitely use your services again. " ~ R. Little

"Mr. Mobley has represented me in several automobile accident cases over the years and I have never been disappointed." ~ Millard Thompson

"Knowledge is truly powerful and the lack of knowledge can allow an individual to be systematically taken advantage of. I found myself engulfed within a bad situation, wherein I was attempting to do the right thing. However, lacking the essential knowledge and understanding of the law, a simple and avoidable matter was now seeking to become a life altering incident. Bryan Mobley quickly evaluated the situation, commended me on my honesty and then mapped out a course for a successful resolution of the incident that did not involve me having to do time in prison. He was immensely understanding, answering all of my endless questions throughout the process, and did not waiver from his commitment to have justice prevail. Mistakes happen in life but we should not be defined by our mistakes. Bryan Mobley's thorough understanding of the law permitted the system to be used to my advantage and in the end, even the judge understood all that had transpired within the incident and wished me well in my future endeavors." ~ T. Martin ~ A thankful and grateful client of Bryan Mobley.

“Mobley & Brown, LLP has been my legal team for many many years. Not only for myself, but also for other family members. When my Dad passed in 2017, Attorney Christine Vaughan guided me through probate. Attorneys Bryan Mobley & Myron Brown attended the viewing. I thought that was very personable. I was recently in a hit and run automobile accident on Patterson Avenue. The date was May 31, 2020. Bryan Mobley was able to settle my case in 90 days. I was pleased with the settlement and the speed in which it was handled. The senior office person Tiffany kept me apprised of how the case was going on a regular basis. I highly recommend Mobley & Brown, LLP." ~ Mark Ford

“Myron Brown was a beacon of hope to me at a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. Not only was he able to handle the case quickly, his calm, empathetic, and down to earth demeanor offered support to me. I’m eternally grateful for his service and I hereby recommend Mr. Myron T. Brown without reservation." ~ J. Easley

“Mobley & Brown did it again!! Countless hours of hard work to make sure I get the compensation I deserve. They even kept me updated during the entire process which is a plus. Thank you for all your help. Always!!!!" ~ Jamar Gagum

“This is my second time working with Mr. Mobley and both times I have been impressed with the way he kept me informed and the speed with which he resolved my case." ~ Larry Witherspoon

“I'm not one to write testimonials or reviews. This is my first one so bear with me. I have been dealing with Mobley & Brown, LLP since their founding. This entire firm cares about, stands by me and fights on my behalf. The firm routinely calls to update your case status or simply check on you. Bryan A. Mobley doesn't back down from anyone and believes in his clients 100 percent. Myron T. Brown, the same. I call them the twin towers, they don't fall. Attorney #3 is Christine Vaughan. Two words describe Ms. Vaughan....smart/intelligent. Finally, Tiffany Ford, the initial point of contact. Tiffany is the secretary/receptionist at Mobley & Brown. Outstanding is the word to describe Tiffany. Tiffany is very professional with a keen sense of humor which gives her the ability to make one feel as if she has known them forever. This firm keeps in touch even after the conclusion of a case, extending well wishes on birthdays, holidays or merely just to say hello. If you want the best firm in Maryland, I highly recommend Mobley & Brown, LLP." ~ Anthony 'Famous' Carter

“I had the privilege of using Mobley & Brown, LLP after a recent car accident. They were in constant communication and honest throughout the entire process. The case was handled promptly and professionally. I would most certainly utilize their services again and recommend the firm to anyone in need of their services.“

“My name is Stanley Scribner, and I would like to express my sincere thanks to the law offices of Mobley & Brown for all of their help in my time of trouble. I was in the unfortunate position of needing an attorney and was facing an uncertain future. To say that I was concerned would be an understatement; I was filled with qualms and trepidations. I needed an attorney in the worst way, one that was familiar with the inner workings of the judicial system, and one who would be able to allay my fears. To my most pleasant surprise, Myron Brown answered all of my concerns. He was able to explain my options in layman terms, guide me along the path of least resistance, and did so with respect for my feelings. Myron was everything you would want an attorney to be: attentive, proactive, dedicated, and most of all, understanding. It would be fair to say that because of his efforts, my judicial journey was much smoother than it might have been. I am very thankful to have had Myron Brown as my attorney and give him my most heartfelt recommendation to anyone who finds themselves in need.“ ~ S. Scribner.

“Very thankful to Bryan Mobley and his team for all of their help and assistance following my car accident. Bryan Mobley and his team provided excellent customer service and fast results when it came to my case. I would highly recommend Mobley & Brown to my family and friends.“ ~ Sherry S.

“My experience with Mobley & Brown was great. Bryan Mobley did an excellent job handling my automobile accident case. I am very satisfied with his work. I highly recommend him and his team.“ ~ J. Ealy

“Mr. Bryan Mobley is a phenomenal attorney who you can trust with all your legal needs. Mr. Mobley provides exceptional service. He is compassionate, genuine, understanding and eager to help in every way. Not only did he address every concern I had, but he went above and beyond. If you're ever in need of exceptional legal advice, Mr. Bryan Mobley is the attorney to call.“ ~ Tracey B.

“On 10-26-19, my fiancé and I were in a serious auto accident (car was totaled). While I was in the hospital I called Bryan Mobley of Mobley & Brown, LLP, and he returned my call within 15 minutes and told me his secretary would be contacting me shortly (she called while Mr. Mobley was still on the phone with me) to instruct me on the next steps my fiancé and I were to take. On Monday 10-28-19 we went to Mr. Mobley's office where we filled out our retainer forms, and they set us up to go to physical therapy that same day. Mobley & Brown made us feel like family (unlike most attorneys). Their secretary Tiffany made me feel as though she was long-lost kin rather than a secretary. At no point in time did we feel as though we were pressured or deceived. They were very forthcoming and kept us in the loop via email, phone calls and correspondence. NOT ONCE DID WE HAVE TO CONTACT THEM ABOUT OUR CASE, and we walked away very pleased knowing that Bryan pushed the insurance company to give us the maximum settlement. In closing, I would recommend anyone to use the services of Mobley & Brown. Thanks for everything!!!“ ~ Sincerely, Jerome & Deziah

“Mr. Mobley I am so very pleased with your kind and considerate demeanor with me. This is the second time I have utilized your law firm due to a vehicle accident; there is no hesitation for services. I called and right away your guys gave me clear instruction as what to do next. I did not have to go back and forth with the other insurance company you all handled everything. My accident was in May and my claim was settled in July. Awesome job!!! I will not hesitate to call on your firm for other legal advice.” ~ Sincerely and very well pleased, Tanna Dennis.

“Mr. Mobley is an outstanding attorney who you can trust with all your legal needs. He has represented me in many cases. He took my cases head-on and was completely involved the entire time. He was completely honest with me about possible outcomes and kept me well informed. He is someone I would recommend to anyone. If you ever have any trouble and need advice and help Mr. Mobley is the person to go to! He is very committed to his job and is at work constantly by making his client's need a priority!” ~ R. Brown

“Bryan Mobley handled my car accident before so I had to hire him again. He settled both cases in a timely manner. I have referred several cases to him. He is a very good lawyer.” ~ D. Carroll

“I retained Mobley& Brown as legal counsel for an automobile accident I was involved in and I can honestly say I made an excellent choice! They provided outstanding legal representation and courteous and professional service. This firm will represent me in all legal matters of their expertise and I will refer family, friends and associates to their practice for representation in the future.  Mobley & Brown epitomizes advocacy and are a pleasure to work with!” ~ A. Moore

“I retained Myron Brown for two criminal and one traffic case.  He was always very professional and to the point. He didn’t beat around the bush and made me comfortable ever time we stepped in front of the judge and always had my best interest in mind unlike other attorneys I have dealt with in the past. His prices were very reasonable and fair for the great services he provided. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a great attorney. He’s intellectual and informative and makes you feel confident you will get the outcome you desire.” ~ R. Bowser

“Our families experience with Mr Mobley and Associates was exceptional! Mr Mobley worked diligently and professionally to ensure justice in my sons Juvenile case. His knowledge of the Juvenile process, patience and tenacity was handled with commendable zeal.” ~ J. Maith


“Bryan Mobley has been my lawyer for the past several years. I have been very pleased with his legal services and the level of professionalism by his staff. The legal process for all of my cases went smoothly and were resolved in a reasonable amount of time. I highly recommend his services.” ~D. Sims

“Bryan Mobley has always gone the extra mile to make sure as a client my needs were met.
I could not have been any happier with the legal services and counsel I've received and would definitely recommend him without a doubt.” ~L. Woody

“Bryan Mobley & Staff provided exceptional and timely service. Would definitely recommend.” ~S. Coates

“This is a statement of how phenomenal Mr. Bryan Mobley exhibited in the courtroom. My son retained Mr. Mobley to handle a case and during that time my son got another case. Mr. Mobley was definitely aware of how strong the case was against my son but my son is home and able to start fresh. I recommend Bryan Mobley to anyone for anyone for any type of case. He is ON THE JOB READY TO SERVE” ~M. Smith & D. Gray

“After being involved in a motor vehicle accident in October 2017, I retained Bryan Mobley to handle my case. From the very start I knew that I was in good hands. Not only did he address every concern I had, but he went above and beyond negotiating my medical bills for me and even got me more money than I anticipated. I cannot tell you how pleases I am with Bryan and his team as my attorney. He did an excellent job and I would highly recommend Bryan Mobley as your go to attorney for any accident related cases. Thank you for turning my nightmare around” ~ C. Lemon

“Mobley & Brown have great service. My family has been dealing with them for the past five years and the service they have provided to us has been beyond excellent. The receptionist Tiffany is the most sweetest, patient person you could ever meet. No matter how many times I called her she would satisfy my needs.” ~ A. Briggs

“Bryan Mobley is an excellent attorney. Being charged with a DUI and other charges, the State was offering me jail time. Mr. Mobley advised me on DUI programs to enter and get evaluated prior to going to court. I will say, his advice made the outcome a lot different than I expected. He is very professional and presented my case with confidence. I am a free man today because of his exceptional experience as an attorney.” ~ W. Brockington

"When the accident occurred my first thought was to call my lawyer Myron T. Brown, Esq. with the law firm of Mobley & Brown. Attorney Myron Brown and his staff made my experience less stressful and I had full confidence of a speedy settlement. My mom has always said... you should have a family lawyer when things get tough. Thanks for my attorney." ~ C. Maith

"Bryan Mobley and staff, I greatly appreciate your services. I look forward to working with you guys in the future." ~ I. Johnson

"Mobley & Brown, LLP, I would like to thank you very much for the services provided by you and your team. Your team was fantastic, cooperative, and professional so this made the process of settling my accident case much easier for me. I wish your company all the best and I will be recommending your law firm to others" ~ K. Mfume

"I want to personally thank Christine Vaughan for all the hard work that you provided to ensure the best possible outcome on my behalf. I can't thank you enough for your assistance. Thanks!" ~ Shatia Smith

"The services at Mobley & Brown was very professional and satisfying all the way down to the secretary and staff. I was pleased and wouldn't hesitate to recommend friends and family." ~ Khayr Basimibn Brown

"Mr. Mobley & staff were highly professional, courteous & helpful during a very stressful time providing comfort and help to get me through this difficult case. Their legal expertise helped bring my case to an amicable resolution." ~ M. Jenkins

"Bryan Mobley and Mobley & Brown, LLP did a wonderful job representing me in a car accident. They provided answers to all the questions I may have had and gave me access to call and inquire about anything I needed to know. I was referred to them by a family member who had previously worked with them. They were everything they said they would be. I will be referring them to others. Thanks!" ~ Triboro Tucker

"If you want professional and great service come to Mobley & Brown." ~ Chrystal Smith

"I have been a client of Bryan A. Mobley and Mobley & Brown, LLP for over 10 years. The Mobley Brown team is dedicated to hard work and understanding a client's needs. Their team tackles all obstacles as they relate to automobile accident cases, thereby turning a stressful and uncertain time into a successful financial recovery. Thank you sincerely Mobley & Brown, you are appreciated." ~ Nicole Sutton

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