3 Common Mistakes Made During Drug Crime Cases

The aftermath of a drug related charge can undoubtedly be very tense and nerve-wracking. When the potential for prison sentences and hefty fines are present, it’s only natural for anxiety to be present as well.  With tension high, the potential for mistakes and slipups increases, and such mistakes could genuinely hurt your chances at securing the best outcome for your future. As such, lets cover a few mistakes you should be certain to avoid in the aftermath of a drug related charge.

Provide Consent for a Search

If you are approached by law enforcement and asked to provide consent for a search of your home or vehicle, you do not have to give in to their wishes. Without a warrant, any evidence they find may be inadmissible, whereas that would not be the case if they conducted the search with your approval.

Making Too Many Statements to Law Enforcement

Law enforcement may try to convince you that admitting to your possession of a drug will help you in the long run, but the exact opposite can be argued. Once you admit that a drug in possession is yours, it becomes much harder to seek avenues to avoid consequences. If you believe that staying silent will keep you from accidentally incriminating yourself, you should feel free to remain silent.

Doing Nothing After the Charge

Many people make the mistake of waiting for something to happen after a drug charge in hopes that the state will not pick up the charges. It is imperative to be proactive during the aftermath of a drug charge. The best chance for you to secure a positive outcome will take place when you and your attorney attempt to have the state drop or reduce a charge prior to filing the charging document, not after.

Law Enforcement Can Make Mistakes Too

You are not the only one who needs to tread lightly in the aftermath of a drug charge. There is a hand full of mistakes that law enforcement may make as well. Be sure to report suspicion of any of these mistakes to your attorney as you attempt to outline your plan moving forward:

  • Failure to read your Miranda Rights
  • Performing an illegal search
  • Ignoring repeated requests to speak with your attorney

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