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8 Examples of Probation Violations

The law is constantly changing, and it can be challenging to keep up as a Maryland resident. If you are on probation, there are a number of ways that you can violate your probation. In the state of Maryland, there are technical probation violations that can lead to serious consequences. What are some of the ways that you might violate the conditions of your probation?

8 Examples of Probation Violations

There are many different types of technical violations in the state of Maryland. These occur when you are not committing a new offense but instead violating one of the rules involved with probation. Some of these include:

  • Not doing your court-ordered community service
  • Missing an appointment with your probation officer
  • Testing positive for alcohol or drug use
  • Being late to an appointment with your probation officer
  • Not completing a court-ordered substance abuse treatment
  • Not paying restitution to victims
  • Not paying court fines
  • Not completing court-ordered anger management classes

It might seem like these are easy to avoid, but many complications can arise. For example, bad weather might lead to you being late for an appointment with your probation officer and put your freedom in jeopardy. Working with a lawyer is one way to avoid these probation violations and make sure that you are always in good standing

What Happens If You Violate Probation?

There are numerous different consequences for probation violations depending on the severity of the violation, the number of times that you violated in the past, and other factors. Your probation officer can decide to force you to appear in court and request a penalty from the judge for your probation violations. These violations might include jail time, a hearing, or simply a warning. If you are concerned that your probation officer might request a probation violation hearing due to your probation violations, it is critical that you contact your attorney as soon as possible to prepare.

Additionally, some Maryland judges will issue a no-bail arrest warrant if you violate your probation. This might lead to your detainment until a trial occurs, which could last for weeks or months. It’s critical to communicate immediately with your lawyer and your probation officer.

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