Expungements in Maryland

All About Expungements in Maryland

Are you eligible for an expungement in Maryland? A wide variety of factors, including your criminal record, will determine whether or not this is possible. If you are granted an expungement, it will formally remove all records of your offense from law enforcement and court records. Should you give Mobley and Brown, LLP to start the process for expungements in Maryland?

When Is an Expungement Appropriate?

Expungements in Maryland can be completed for both adult and juvenile cases. In adult cases, expungements are used for clearing records of peace or protective orders, civil cases or criminal convictions. If you were the defendant in a criminal case, there are numerous requirements that you must meet to have your record be eligible for expungement:

You could be eligible for an expungement now if:

  • You received a gubernatorial pardon within the past 10 years
  • You can show good cause
  • The act that your conviction was based upon is no longer a criminal act
  • The case was filed in criminal court and transferred to juvenile court

You could be eligible for an expungement if three years have passed and:

  • You had probation before judgment for a case (other than DUI/DWI)
  • The court indefinitely postponed your case
  • The crime you were convicted of can be found in Md Code, Criminal Procedure §10-105(a)(9)
  • You were deemed not criminally responsible for disturbing the peace, trespass or telephone misuse

You could be eligible for an expungement if ten years have passed and:

You could be eligible for an expungement if three years have passed or you correctly file a General Waiver and Release [form CC-DC-CR-078] and:

  • Your case was dismissed
  • The state chose not to prosecute
  • You were found not guilty

You could be eligible for an expungement if fifteen years have passed and:

How Can You File a Petition for Expungement in Maryland?

You should start by calling your lawyer at Mobley and Brown, LLP. We can help you to complete the correct Petition for Expungement of Records form for your situation, along with obtaining a copy of your criminal record. We can then assist with filing petitions for each case or in each court. 

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