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Can You Use Witness Statements from an Accident During a Personal Injury Case?

When you’re dealing with a personal injury case, particularly one relating to an automobile accident, making a strong case can be difficult. The at-fault party’s insurance company will look for any reason possible to limit liability. If your personal injury case goes to trial, witness statements and testimony are invaluable. Can you use witness statements from an accident during a Maryland personal injury case?

Witness Statements

Witness testimony typically comes from two categories of witnesses, lay witnesses and expert witnesses. Lay witnesses are people without specialized training, education or knowledge related to the testimony. Lay witnesses could be people who watched the accident occur or who were there in the immediate aftermath. These witnesses can give statements detailing their observations before, during and after the crash.

Expert witnesses have specialized training, education, experience or knowledge relating to the subject at hand. Expert witnesses for a personal injury case in the aftermath of a car accident could include accident reconstruction professionals, rehabilitation experts or medical specialists. All of these witnesses apply their backgrounds to the circumstances of the case to give professional opinions.

Why Are Witness Statements Important?

Witnesses help to validate the facts of your personal injury case. When liability is in dispute, eyewitnesses and expert witnesses both bring valuable testimonies to the table. Eyewitnesses can offer testimony about:

  • Weather, visibility and temperature at the scene of the accident
  • Traffic
  • Driver behavior before and after the accident, including whether or not the driver seemed intoxicated or like they were not paying attention
  • Approximate speeds, directions and locations of vehicles
  • Color of traffic lights, pedestrian signals and the presence of traffic control devices

In a personal injury case, friends, family members and colleagues can also offer testimony and statements during the trial. These statements are important for illustrating the impact of the accident on your life. For example, a co-worker could detail how the victim cannot perform a particular job duty anymore as a result of the accident.

What Could Complicate a Witness Statement?

When you work with a lawyer, it is easier to determine which witness testimonies and statements add the most value to your personal injury case. Some witnesses are less convincing and reliable as others, including those who:

  • Have a personal interest in your claim
  • Know you personally (if eyewitnesses)
  • Have a history of criminal convictions
  • Suffer from eyesight, memory or hearing issues
  • Did not see the accident in its entirety

Mobley and Brown, LLP can assist you with gathering the most valuable statements and testimonies for your personal injury case. 

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