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How Will a DUI Conviction Affect Your Car Insurance?

Have you been convicted of a DUI in Maryland? There is a high probability that car insurance companies will now see you as an elevated risk. Depending on which car insurance provider you are using and other factors, including any other convictions, you could see a small bump in rates or a dramatic increase.  

How Does a DUI Conviction Affect Your Car Insurance Rate?

Based on a survey of leading car insurance companies, a DUI conviction can raise your car insurance premium by an average of $392, which is actually much lower than the United States average increase. However, if you are trying to purchase an inexpensive policy after your conviction, you should expect to shop around and be prepared to compromise. A DUI often leads to a steeper increase in insurance rates than reckless driving, racing or even an at-fault accident.

What Other Factors Affect Your Car Insurance Premium?

A DUI conviction is weighed in conjunction with a number of other factors when deciding what premium will be extended to you. Some of the other most important factors include:

  • Age: For anyone under the legal drinking age of 21, a single DUI conviction can lead to a hike 5-10% more than someone with the same conviction over the legal drinking age.
  • Time: How much time has passed since your DUI conviction? If you are getting a new policy, insurance companies typically only judge the past 3-5 years harshly. For someone with a DUI four years ago, a new car insurance policy would cost 15-20% less than someone with a DUI in the last twelve months.
  • Number of DUIs: If you have more than one DUI conviction, that will dramatically affect the premium you are offered. In one study of premiums, a 30-year-old with four DUI convictions had 58% higher bodily injury coverage premiums than someone the same age with only one conviction.
  • Car Insurance Company: Every company has different rules for handling a DUI conviction, and a 30% increase could be a 50% increase with another provider. Don’t be afraid to shop around instead of settling for the first quote. 

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