How Mediation Works in a Car Accident Case in Maryland

After a collision where you are dealing with injuries or damage to your vehicle, there are several different paths forward to get the restitution that you deserve. An experienced lawyer like Mobley & Brown, LLP can help determine the best path for your car accident case. In Maryland, one of the options is known as mediation. What exactly is mediation, and how does it work in a car accident case?

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative to taking things to court. During mediation, the involved parties will sit down and try to reach a settlement that works for both parties. A mediator, or unbiased third party, will help to guide both parties to a conclusion and agreement that works. In Maryland, there is a pretrial conference that can also serve as a mediation meeting with both sides. The pretrial conference is typically held with a judge, and it is one way to prevent cases from reaching the courtroom and taking more money and time to conclude.

What Happens During Car Accident Case Mediation?

Typically, the mediator will meet with the parties to introduce themselves. Next, each party will go to a separate room to negotiate. The mediator will go back and forth between the two parties to discuss offers, requests and demands. Many people think of mediation as a contentious process between the two parties, but in reality, it is designed to be as seamless and peaceful as possible. If you are concerned about extensive interaction with the other party in your car accident case, you don’t need to be!

Are Arbitration and Mediation the Same Thing?

No! While both of them can involve a lawyer or judge to help orchestrate the mediation process, they are quite different. During mediation, you cannot be forced to participate. If you do not want to negotiate during your car accident case and would prefer to let the court or a jury decide, that is your right. You can walk out the door at any time.

In arbitration, you can think of it like a less formal trial. While you are not in a courtroom, the decision of the arbitrator will be final and you will be forced to live with it. Unlike mediation, you cannot simply choose to not participate in most cases.

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