Man Taking Photo Of Car Accident On Mobile Phone

Involved in a Car Accident? Be Sure to Gather These 3 Things at the Scene

So, you were just involved in a car accident and it’s time to start picking up the pieces and moving forward. After your adrenaline settles down, the immediate aftermath of an accident is the best chance to get the information from the “at-fault” party to pass along and begin building your case. Here are three key pieces of information you should be sure to retrieve at the scene of the accident.

But before you do anything, be sure to stop and assess yourself for injuries. If you or anyone in your vehicle is injured, be sure to call 911 right away. If you are not sure if making the call is necessary, it’s always best to call either way. Even if there are no signs after an injury, a responding officer can file a police report containing key details that are likely to benefit your case down the road.

After assessing yourself for injury, relocating your vehicle to a safe area, and confirming you can safely exit the vehicle under your own power, it’s time to make an effort to gather this critical information:

  • Contact information. The contact information you should collect from the other driver involved includes their name, driver’s license numbers, car insurance company, insurance policy number. To eliminate the chance for an error in transcribing, feel free to take a photo of the driver’s insurance card and vehicle tag rather than jotting it down.
  • Witness information. Did anyone witness your accident unfold? If so, make it a priority to gather their contact information as well. In the event that the other driver tries to assign blame to you, a witness account could potentially make all the difference.
  • Evidence. Once you have the contact information of all relevant parties, it’s time to star gathering evidence. Relevant information includes the make, model, and year of the car that collided with you. Additionally, be sure to snap plenty of photos of the accident, including any damages, traffic signals, and skid marks. Finally, survey the area and attempt to find surveillance cameras or traffic cameras. Be sure to remember their location, as this too could come in handy as you prepare to form a case and seek reparations for the damages you have experienced.

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