Reducing Your Risk of Being Involved in a Winter Car Accident

We may have had a mild December, but it seems like the arrival of 2022 has also marked the arrival of snow throughout the state of Maryland. The last thing anyone needs is to be involved in a crash and risk injury because of inclement weather. As such, let’s take a look at a few ways you can reduce the chances of a crash in winter, 2022.

Drive Slowly, Leave Early

When snow is in the forecast, it’s worth setting your alarm extra early to allow plenty of time to thoroughly clean off your vehicle. Additionally, you will want to drive ~5mph under the speed limit, and potentially even slower in serious conditions. Make sure you leave early to account for this and eliminate the desire to drive unnecessarily fast in the interest of saving time.

Remembering Scott’s Law

Scott’s Law (or the “Move Over” law) is fundamentally important any time of year, but its worth bringing up again when inclement weather could be on the way. If you notice law enforcement or work crews on the side of the road, be sure to give them ample space to avoid a potentially tragic situation.

Do Not Rely on Cruise Control

Cruise control is a valuable tool in dry weather, but we recommend avoiding it if snow or ice are on the road. As drivers, we can see suspect areas of the road ahead and modulate the throttle to keep our tires from losing grip. However, cruise control is more focused on ensuring you maintain your desired speed. That means that if you drive over an icy patch, the cruise control may keep applying a consistent amount of throttle, causing a reduction and traction and potential hydroplaning.

Use Care When Navigating Over Bridges, Ramps, and Intersections

Not only does traffic compress in these areas, but they also have high potential for black ice. Use plenty of caution and be sure to keep a close watch on other drivers who may struggle to come to a stop if they approach with too much speed.

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