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What is the Invention Disclosure?

Person filling out an invention disclosure formAn invention disclosure is a form that represents the first recording of an invention. These forms should include comprehensive descriptions and be explained in a way that anyone can interpret and understand. This form acts as the documentation of an invention you create, which will be necessary for submitting the patent for the design.

When filling out an invention disclosure form, you want to ensure the following is included.

  • The title of your invention
  • Your name, address, and phone number
  • When and how you thought up the design
  • The date of public exposure
  • A thorough description
  • Any testing results
  • Any research funding sources that were used
  • Potential competitors
  • Signatures of all involved

When to Disclose an Invention?

As soon as your creation is deemed an invention, you should disclose it. Even if the patent application is never completed, the disclosure can help offer protection against other patents for similar or the same design. You also want to ensure that you keep your disclosure form updated, to ensure all of the details are for the best protection.

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