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What Should HR Managers Know about Whistle Blowers?

Meeting of business professionalsAs a human resources manager, it is important to be familiar with a variety of laws surrounding your workplace and employees. A whistle-blower is an employee who reports another for something they believe to be illegal, dishonest, or wrong. There cannot be any retaliation against that employee, even if what they reveal is harmful to the company.

It is in the best interest of HR managers to comply with all laws and procedures surrounding a whistle-blower. At Mobley and Brown, LLP, our business law attorney in Baltimore, MD, will help you ensure all of your employees are properly protected during such an event.

As an HR representative, it is important to be a leading presence responsible for bringing the people within your company together. You also want to ensure the employees and business are protected from information that can tear them apart. Having internal processes set up to catch potential risks before they blow up is important in protecting the health of your company.

If you need assistance making sense of the whistle-blower laws for your company, contact our business law attorney in Baltimore, MD. Our team will help you understand exactly what to do, as well as how to prevent such an event from disrupting your workplace.