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The Ethics of Estate Planning

The estate planning process is about much more than planning the distribution of assets in the quickest and most cost-effective manner. While that is certainly among our highest priorities, there are many ethical concerns associated with the estate planning process as well. You’ve likely heard a hand full of horror stories involving family disagreements and extended probate delays. While these things certainly happen, the Mobley and Brown legal team operates with the following ethical considerations to ensure we play a key role in offering thorough and morally sound legal counsel to our clients.


Any attorney you speak with regarding your upcoming or ongoing estate planning should be well versed in guiding individuals through the process from beginning to end. When matters directly impact you, your finances, and your loved ones are involved, be sure to rely on a team with a wealth of experience that makes conscious efforts to stay abreast of the latest best practices in the field.

Navigating Through Conflicts of Interest

We all hope for a seamless estate planning process, but the fact of the matter is that conflicts of interest can occasionally creep in. As such, our primary concern always remains the same: doing everything within our power to represent our client’s best interests. When you work with our team, you can enjoy the peace of mind that we’re working for you.

Testamentary Capacity

While we attempt to serve our clients’ best interests, it’s imperative to confirm our clients have full testamentary capacity. We assume the ethical responsibility of ensuring our clients have the mental capacity to make sound decisions when their future and the future of their loved ones is involved. If a client has become partially or fully unable to provide for themselves, we are happy to explore the possibility of guardianship to protect their best interests.

Diligence and Continued Obligation

Operating diligently is another major ethical concern of a qualified estate planning lawyer. We offer our clients the peace of mind that their wishes are being met in a cost-effective and law-abiding manner. Critically, we also place heavy emphasis on keeping our clients informed of our continued obligation. Estate planning isn’t a one-time thing that you can check off on your to-do list, but rather an ongoing process that will require attention from time to time. With Mobley and Brown, we are readily available to discuss the current state of your estate plan and make any adjustments with full transparency and open communication.

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