The Path Toward Securing the Recovery You Deserve After a Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries range in severity and could require anywhere between a few weeks and several years to fully recover. Amid this recovery process, victims also have to endure potential financial burdens along with lost time at work. With such serious implications, it is critical for victims of traumatic injuries to make every effort possible to secure the recovery they deserve. Here is how that process will likely unfold in the state of Maryland.

Collecting Evidence of a Traumatic Brain Injury

In order to receive compensation for a traumatic brain injury in the state of Maryland, one must be able to prove that they have indeed fallen victim to such an injury. Most often, these items are presented to establish the legitimacy of the incident:

  • Diagnostic records
  • Doctor’s notes
  • Neuropsychologist reports
  • Test results
  • Physical therapy requirements

If you find yourself suffering from a traumatic brain injury it would benefit you greatly to hire an attorney. Not only will an attorney speak with you directly to document all the ways in which the injury has impacted your life and daily activities, but they will also assist in gathering these above records for you. Most often, traumatic brain injuries lead to one or more of the following cognitive impairments as well as the potential for new physical disabilities:

  • Increased difficulty communicating
  • Increased difficulty reading
  • Reduced memory
  • Reduced capacity to form new memories
  • Reduced attention span
  • Reduced sensory capacity
  • Processing/ understanding difficulties

Presenting Evidence

After evidence is gathered, it will be time to present it. This will either take place in a courtroom or during a settlement. If your case reaches its conclusion via settlement, your doctor will submit a summary of your treatment along with your medical records documenting the injury. This information, along with reported symptoms from the patient, will be the basis of the presentation.

Assuming the case goes to trial, the doctors who administered care will testify and explain their findings, pursued avenues of treatment, and forecast any further difficulties down the road as a direct result of the traumatic brain injury.

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