The Potential Penalties of a DUI Conviction in Maryland

Criminal convictions of any kind should be avoided if at all possible. A first time DUI charge is a misdemeanor in the state of Maryland. While the punishment is certainly less severe than the penalties associated with more serious felony charges, there are still long-lasting consequences involved with DUI convictions. What are the potential penalties of a DUI conviction in Maryland?

Maryland DUI Conviction Penalties

DUI convictions are considered a misdemeanor crime in the state of Maryland, as previously stated. In addition, first-time DUI offenders may face a fine of up to $1,000 and a sentence of up to one year in prison. First-time offenders also face a 12-point penalty on their driving record. This penalty alone is enough for license revocation, meaning you may end up having to reapply for your driver’s license down the road.  At the minimum, you can likely expect a six-month license suspension.

For second time violators, the penalties are increased even more. The fine can be increased to $2,000, and offenders could face up to a year jail sentence. The 12-point penalty is still in effect, and the offender’s license might be revoked for a full year rather than a mere six months. First- and second-time offenders may be required to attend an alcohol abuse treatment program as well.

Mandatory Ignition Interlock Program are imposed on any drivers who are charged with two DUI offenses within five years. DUI convictions can lead to a slew of further related issues. These aren’t penalties, per se, but they are complications that occur as a direct result of the charge:

  • Difficulty finding employment opportunities
  • Higher auto insurance rates
  • Higher life insurance rates
  • Loss of security clearance or professional licenses
  • Damaged reputation
  • Payments for alternative transportation

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