Understanding Bench Warrants in Maryland

In the state of Maryland, both warrants and bench warrants are used by judges and the court. However, there are a broad range of warrants and bench warrants in Maryland that could have serious consequences if you are named in one. You should never ignore a warrant, as it will not disappear on its own! Here’s what every citizen should know about bench warrants in Maryland.

What Are Bench Warrants?

While often confused with arrest warrants, bench warrants are significantly different. Bench warrants can be issued by a judge after you failed to appear in court when requested to do so. When you do not show up at a court date when you were served notice that you were supposed to appear, the state’s attorney can request a bench warrant.

It’s important to note that a bench warrant is not automatic. One example of this can occur if you have a speeding ticket and request a trial with the state instead of paying the ticket. If you fail to appear at the hearing you requested, the court will not bother issuing a bench warrant. Instead, you will have a failure to appear and simply need to work things out with your attorney, the MVA and the court. However, if you have a more serious charge, like a possession charge or drug-related charge, a bench warrant will probably be issued if you do not show up to court.

Do Bench Warrants in Maryland Mean You Will Go to Jail?

Not necessarily. Particularly if you are working with an attorney or hire an attorney, you might not see any jail time despite your failure to appear. When you find out that you have been the subject of bench warrants in Maryland, you should contact an attorney before turning yourself in. If you choose to turn yourself in without the help of an attorney and the commissioner that meets with you deems you a flight risk, you could be put in jail if you cannot post bond.

The most important way to avoid bench warrants in Maryland is simply by appearing in court on time when you are supposed to. If you have a more serious charge and you fail to appear, you can count on a bench warrant being issued and facing the consequences.

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