Understanding Trade Secret Lawsuits in Maryland

As a business, you are always looking to protect your business now and in the future. One of the most complex parts of business law is trade secret law. Unlike copyrights or patents that have a wealth of legal mechanisms to protect them from someone stealing them, trade secrets rely on employees and team members keeping them secret. When it comes to trade secret lawsuits in Maryland, choosing the right attorney to prove your case is essential.

What Is a Trade Secret?

Trade secrets are one of the different types of intellectual property, or IP. Intellectual property is not something tangible, like a product you created, but instead something that your business has the right to possess despite intangibility. As a business, you can elect to copyright your process or technique, but that can mean taking the risk of your proprietary methods being exposed to your competitors and the world. The same thing happens when you get a patent.

As a result, many companies elect to rely on trade secrets. Trade secret lawsuits in Maryland can be filed when a trade secret was attempted to be kept secret with “reasonable effort” and has value. We can help you in determining if trade secret lawsuits in Maryland could be applicable to your situation.

What Are Some Examples of Trade Secrets?

To help give you a better idea of what things could be regulated by trade secret lawsuits in Maryland, here are some trade secret examples:

  • Secret Recipes: The ingredients, process, or mix of flavors that makes a food or drink product special
  • Formulas: Chemical formulas, like WD-40, might be protected by trade secrets instead of patents
  • Software: While plenty of different types of software give users access to the code, others, like the Google search algorithm, are kept under lock-and-key and considered trade secrets

Could You File Trade Secret Lawsuits in Maryland?

As the owner of a trade secret, you have the right to protect your secret if someone steals that confidential information. Depending on your situation, the judge can issue an order preventing them from further disclosing the secrets and force them to pay damages for any economic losses you experienced as a result.

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