What Happens if Your Car Insurance Claim Is Denied After a Car Accident?

If you’ve suffered in the aftermath of a car accident due to injuries and damage that occurred during and as a result of it, do you think you deserve restitution? The answer is yes, but unfortunately many insurance companies can complicate the restitution that you deserve. Car insurance companies are more interested in maximizing profits than helping loyal customers in the aftermath of a car accident. What are your options if your claim is denied?

Why Can an Insurance Company Deny a Benefit After a Car Accident in Maryland?

There are many different reasons why an insurance company might deny a claim. Depending on the timing of the accident, they might attempt to argue that you lacked coverage when the accident occurred or that you were not covered for what you were doing when driving (like driving for a delivery service). Some companies will say that you did not have sufficient coverage, and others will deny based on the value of your car accident claims.

It’s important to know that many companies do not expect drivers to push back against their claims. A skilled personal injury lawyer can examine your policy documents and details to see whether or not your insurer is misleading you. If your insurance company is lowballing you or is trying to take advantage of you, a skilled personal injury lawyer can fight back on your behalf. We will maximize your payout after your car accident and work tirelessly to help you recover.

What Should You Do if Your Car Accident Claim Was Denied?

Even if the insurance company is claiming that you were to blame or casting doubt on your claim, you should contact an experienced lawyer like Mobley and Brown, LLP. We can review all evidence, speak with witnesses and comb through the accident reports to show the truth of what happened during your car accident. In some cases, it might be appropriate to file suit against the insurance company denying your claim. We can help work through your options and equip you with the knowledge you need to move forward.

Contact Mobley & Brown, LLP After Your Car Accident

If you were denied your car accident claim by your auto insurance company, you need help and you are unsure where to turn, contact Mobley and Brown, LLP today. Our experienced legal team will work with you to meet your needs. Call us now at (410) 385-0398.