What to Do if You Are Charged with Resisting Arrest in Maryland

Regardless of whether you actually committed a crime, resisting arrest by using force is a sure way to end up with a criminal charge. However, that doesn’t mean that every resisting arrest charge is lawful. Do you think you may have been wrongfully charged with resisting arrest? Let’s take a look at some of the nuances of Maryland law to gain a better understanding of your situation and how Mobley and Brown may be able to help.

How are Resisting Arrest Charges Triggered?

Resisting arrest charges are primarily centered around the use of force. In order to be charged with resisting arrest, an individual must be either physically or verbally trying to avoid standard arrest procedures when interacting with law enforcement. It is also worth considering that individuals who impede the arrest of another person may also be subject to charges.

When suspects flee law enforcement, they are not subject to resisting arrest charges since no force was used.

Defending Against the Charges

When you work with a defense attorney, we will thoroughly walk through the situation that led to your charges to come up with the best defense possible. In order to be convicted, the prosecution must be able to offer a seamless argument that the following three things happened:

  • An arrest took place
  • The arrest was 100% lawful
  • Use of force was implemented in an effort to prevent the arrest

Safe Advice for Police Interactions That Go South

We have a few pointers you can implement in order to keep yourself as safe as possible during interactions with law enforcement. Above all, your safety is the most important thing during any law enforcement interaction. If an officer is trying to arrest you, regardless of whether you have committed a crime, the safest thing to do is to meet the arrest with no resistance. If you are innocent, that can be proven in due time, but there is no reason to try to prove your innocence on the spot and resort to the use of force. Thus, we recommend staying calm and compliant to keep any additional charges from racking up.

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