DUI Attorney in Maryland

What to Look for in a DUI Attorney in Maryland

A drunk driving arrest and DUI charge on your record can create serious problems, from losing your driver’s license to losing your job if you work in certain industries. As a result, choosing the right DUI attorney in Maryland is critical. You need the right person to represent you aggressively and guide you forward through the legal process.

The Questions to Ask a DUI Attorney in Maryland

Before you choose a DUI attorney, you should ask them the questions below to ensure that they have the expertise and experience necessary to represent you well in court:

  1. How long have you been practicing law?
  2. Have you ever been a criminal prosecutor?
  3. What is your reputation in the courtroom and in terms of professional ethics?
  4. How many drunk driving cases have you worked on in the past?
  5. How many DUI cases have you taken to trial, as opposed to plea bargain cases?
  6. What results have you obtained for cases like mine in the past?
  7. How complex is my case? Should it be straightforward, or will it potentially involve more work?
  8. How are you different from other lawyers?

It is much better to be careful when selecting your DUI attorney in Maryland instead of choosing the first name that pops up, as you want the best possible outcome for your unique situation.

Why You Need a DUI Attorney in Maryland

You should obtain a DUI attorney as soon as possible after your arrest. DUIs have serious negative consequences that can require professional, skilled assistance to navigate. While all criminal charges are severe, those related to driving under the influence can be more serious than others due to the potential consequences (losing your license, job loss, fines, jail time and more). You should never allow the fate of your immediate and extended future to rest in the wrong hands, which is why you need a skilled DUI attorney in Maryland who can build a strong case and defend you in court.

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