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What Will Happen to Your Car Insurance Premium After a DUI or DWI Conviction?

A DUI or DWI conviction is not just serious because it will impact your ability to drive or potentially keep your driving-based career; it is also serious because there are many other hidden consequences that you might not immediately think of. One such consequence is your car insurance premium. Maryland drivers see an alarming 85% increase in the average insurance premium after being convicted of a DUI, which is much higher than the national average of 53%. What can you expect after a conviction?

What Are the Consequences of a DUI or DWI Conviction?

While DUIs have harsher punishments than DWIs legally, some car insurance companies do not make a big distinction between the two. Even if this is your first offense, many companies will see the DWI conviction as a sign of a lack of judgment and a high-risk driver, so they will increase the amount that it costs to receive coverage to offset that perceived increase in liability.

Will You Be Labeled a High-Risk Driver?

After a DUI or DWI conviction, there is a high likelihood that insurance companies will label you a high-risk driver. Some companies will outright refuse to insure high-risk drivers, so you may lose your current policy and need to find a new insurance provider and pay their car insurance premium. Some of the other factors that will be considered when determining how risky you are to insure include:

  • Past convictions for DWI, DUI, or other driving-related offenses
  • A history of at-fault car accidents
  • Traffic violations
  • Numerous speeding tickets

Additionally, car insurance companies can pull from your insurance and financial history to make additional risk judgments. Some of the factors that can harm your car insurance premium include:

  • Poor credit or bad credit history
  • Insurance cancellations or lapses in coverage
  • Being a new driver
  • Having an expensive car
  • Filing numerous claims in the past few years

High-risk drivers will have a higher car insurance premium than lower-risk drivers, as insurance companies project that they will cost them more to protect. When you have a DUI or DWI conviction on top of other risk factors, it can put you in a tough spot. This is one of many reasons why it is critical to partner with a skilled attorney as quickly as possible after your arrest. If you are able to avoid a conviction entirely, you will not need to worry about your car insurance premium increasing and other potentially negative consequences of a conviction.

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