Medicare Liens

What You Need to Know About Medicare Liens in Maryland

Medicare liens can rapidly complicate a personal injury case or settlement, and it’s vital that anyone going through one and relying on Medicare understands what they are and how they work. What are Medicare liens in Maryland, and how do they play a role in many personal injury cases?

Medicare Liens in Maryland

If you have Medicare, receiving your personal injury settlement in the aftermath of a car accident or other accident can be very complicated. Whenever you are injured during a car accident, the no-fault coverage on the vehicle is your primary coverage, or the first way that you pay your medical bills. Because the minimum for no-fault coverage is often low ($2,500 in Maryland), many people need to use their health insurance to cover costs.

Whenever you have a settlement to cover the costs of accident-related medical expenses and injuries, there is often an obligation to reimburse the health insurance provider or Medicare for the bills that they paid prior to the settlement. This obligation is known as a Medicare lien. If you do not pay off this lien during the settlement process, you could be sued or the Medicare payments could be retracted and leave you liable for the balance. Unlike private insurance companies, Medicare has more jurisdiction and can sue you or your car insurance company years after an accident to recover the money that they paid.

Why a Lawyer Matters

When Medicare is involved, many insurance adjusters will refuse to make a settlement for your claim until you have completed the Medicare Secondary Payer process. Even skilled attorneys can have difficulty navigating this complicated process, which means that experience matters. Mobley and Brown, LLP has a wealth of experience working with Medicare’s Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center (BCRC) to remove barriers to receiving your settlement and avoid any delays in receiving your payment. Thankfully, Medicare reduces its lien amount to help cover the cost of hiring an attorney, and they are required to do so by federal statute. Once your personal injury insurance claim is settled, we can assist you with covering the final lien amount and ensuring your obligation to Medicare is paid. 

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