4 Misconceptions About Maryland DUI

Alcohol impaired drivers get behind the wheel millions of times every year, which results in very sobering statistics involving alcohol related crashes. It has also resulted in the rise in popularity of several misleading or outright false misconceptions relating to Maryland DUI charges. In this blog, we are dispelling the most common myths pertaining to DUI in the state of Maryland.

“It is Best to Refuse a Breathalyzer Test”

The purpose of a breathalyzer test is to provide additional evidence when filing a police report. In other words, abstaining from the test is not an effective means to avoid a charge. Law enforcement can cite erratic driving and physical symptoms of being under the influence as adequate evidence for a DUI charge. Moreover, refusal to comply with the test can lead to a 120-day license suspension.

“Testing Under the Legal Limit Means I Have Not Committed a Crime”

The legal blood alcohol content limit of .08 simply serves as a threshold for presumption of impairment. Exceeding the limit presumes you are driving while impaired by alcohol. So, what if you test under the limit, or don’t test at all? In this case, you can in fact still be convicted of DUI. In some cases, field sobriety tests, witness statements, and even video surveillance provide enough evidence for a charge to be upheld in court.

“I Only Had a Few Drinks, I am Safe to Drive”

Deciphering the impact of alcohol on an individual involves more than simply measuring the quantity consumed. Metabolism and body weight largely impact the effects of alcohol, meaning you could be at risk for DUI even after minimal drinking. The effects only ramp up for those currently taking other types of medication. For complete peace of mind, be sure to make alternate transportation plans if you know alcohol will be served!

“My DUI Case is Open and Shut”

Even if it may feel like the evidence is beginning to stack up against you, your DUI case is not hopeless. There are often arguments or evidence that can be used in your favor to reduce charges or even eliminate them altogether. This is where an experienced Maryland DUI lawyer can step in and make the difference.

Whether a responding officer collected evidence unlawfully, lacked probable cause, or made an unreasonable stop, our team will explore all avenues to negotiate a just outcome for your DUI case.

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