Domestic Violence Isn’t Always Physical: Know the Signs of Domestic Violence

Intimate partner violence makes up 15% of all violent crime in the United States, and it’s a very serious problem. While many people associate domestic violence with being struck or physically attacked, there are many signs of domestic violence that don’t involve any physical contact at all. What are the more subtle indicators that your loved one may be in a domestic violence situation?

Domestic Violence Often Involves Power and Control

Every relationship has a different dynamic, which means what is healthy and consensual for one couple might be different from what is healthy for you. However, most domestic violence relationships involve an element of control. The abusive partner will find ways to control the other partner, whether that’s through the things that they say or financial manipulation. One of the more subtle signs of domestic violence is a need for power and control, as some abusive partners may try to pass it off as simply being possessive or protective.

Some signs of trying to gain control or power include:

  • Saying that you don’t do anything right
  • Being extremely jealous of time that you spend with friends or out of the house
  • Pressuring you to stay home or isolated instead of speaking with or spending time with family members or friends
  • Insulting or embarrassing you in front of others
  • Pressuring you to do anything you are uncomfortable with (sexual acts, drugs, alcohol, etc.)

Checking In Constantly

Another subtle one of the signs of domestic violence is frequently checking in to see where the other partner is, what they are doing, or who they are with. Something like this can be misinterpreted as being caring or just curious. However, it can escalate over time and make the partner hesitant to leave the house for fear of their partner spamming them with texts or calls. Constant checking in also often escalates to include things like tracking software.

Isolating the Victim

Abusers want to isolate their victims for a variety of reasons, including wanting to have more control. This is another one of the signs of domestic violence that can be defended by the abuser, as they might claim that they just want to spend more time together or that they don’t like a certain friend group. Isolating someone separates them from people who might be critical of the abuser, which can create a situation where gaslighting is more likely to occur.

Financial Control

Financial control is another type of non-physical abuse. Retaining access to all bank account passwords, giving the victim an allowance, or pushing them to stay home instead of working and earning their own money can all try to cut off their access to money that might help them leave or become more independent.

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