Maryland Beach

Drink Responsibly at the Maryland Beach this Summer

Summer is here, which makes it the perfect time to head to the beach and enjoy the beautiful weather. While there is nothing wrong with legally and safely enjoying a few alcoholic beverages while you are on vacation, there are serious consequences to not legally and safely doing so.

What Is Drunk Driving in Maryland?

In Maryland, DWIs and DUIs are two distinct things. If you are driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) between 0.07 and 0.08 percent, you can be charged with Driving While Impaired (DWI). A DWI is considered the lesser offense of the two, but charges are still serious. For a first offense, you could face up to a $500 fine and 60 days in jail. If you are driving with a BAC anywhere 0.08 percent or higher, you could be charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI). This offense is taken very seriously, even if you are at a Maryland beach, and can come with a fine of up to $1,000 and up to one year in jail.

What Initiatives Do Ocean City Police Officers Participate In?

Ocean City is a Maryland beach that takes drunk and impaired driving very seriously. Because many people go to the beach to have a good time and let loose on vacation, local officers cannot afford to be relaxed with law enforcement. Worcester County boasts the highest DUI conviction ratein the state of Maryland, with 91% of those charged also being convicted. If you are charged with a DUI or DWI in Ocean City, you need to contact an experienced lawyer at a firm like Mobley and Brown, LLP as soon as possible.

Understanding the Law

If you are stopped by a law enforcement officer and suspected to be under the influence of alcohol, you might be asked to take a field sobriety test or portable breath test. If you are being arrested for impaired driving, the police officer will read you your rights and give you a form before asking you to submit to a BAC test. If you test above the legal limit or refuse to submit to the test, you will be given an Order of Suspension form with your traffic citations. Your license will be confiscated and could be replaced with a 45-day temporary license. You should call your attorney immediately. 

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