Nursing Home Abuse

Maryland Nursing Home Abuse: What Your Family Needs to Know

The vast majority of nursing homes in Maryland are safe havens for the elderly. They provide skilled care in a comfortable environment and allow seniors to age with dignity. Unfortunately, all nursing homes are not the safe and caring places that they should be. If you suspect that one of your loved ones is suffering from nursing home abuse, it is critical that you report the abuse to the right authorities in the fastest fashion possible.

What Are Your Rights?

Every nursing home resident in Maryland is guaranteed a number of rights under federal and state law, including:

  • A monthly account statement every month, and an itemized bill upon request.
  • The right to manage money independently or have a family member manage it.
  • The ability to keep and use personal belongings and clothing.
  • Access to a locked storage space for valuables upon request.
  • The right to be treated with respect, be free from physical and mental abuse and plan your own medical treatment.
  • Private telephone conversations and private interactions with visitors.
  • The right to a quality of care that does not prevent your condition from deteriorating, unless it was unavoidable.
  • The ability to access and examine your medical records.
  • The right to be free from chemical and physical restraints unless ordered for your safety or health.

What Happens in Cases of Nursing Home Abuse?

In Maryland, neglect and physical abuse of nursing home residents is a serious crime. If you are concerned about your care or a loved one’s care in a nursing home, you should first speak to the nurse in charge of the unit. If the nurse cannot address your concern or is the abuser, you should escalate things up the chain of command.

If their health, safety or life is at imminent risk, you should contact the police. If you place a complaint, the nursing home’s administrator is required to complete an investigation within 30 days. You can also contact the Maryland Office of Health Care Quality at (410) 402-8201, your local ombudsman, the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit of the Attorney General’s Office and your lawyer. Mobley and Brown, LLP has years of experiencing working with nursing home residents and their families to ensure health and safety and get compensation when the law is broken. 

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