Drunk Driving Arrest

What to Do Following a Drunk Driving Arrest in Maryland

A drunk driving arrest in Maryland is a very serious situation that you should not take lightly. While DUI arrests are not uncommon, the consequences of being charged with a DUI can seriously impact your livelihood. Depending on the situation and aftermath of your drunk driving arrest, you could lose your job, your driver’s license and potentially be forced to serve a jail sentence or pay a fine.

In the Immediate Aftermath of a Drunk Driving Arrest

If you do not already have representation from Mobley and Brown, LLP you should first call a family member, friend or trusted acquaintance. By hearing your voice and having a conversation with you, they can testify as to whether or not your speech was slurred or you seemed disoriented over the phone. You also want to keep careful track of everything that you were doing prior to the arrest. You should also partner with a skilled drunk driving arrest firm in Maryland, like Mobley and Brown, LLP for case-specific guidance.

Read Your Paperwork

Following your drunk driving arrest, you will be given paperwork by the police officer or commissioner. When processing the arrest, there are numerous tight deadlines that need to be met. The consequences for missing a deadline could be very serious, so familiarize yourself with the timeline as soon as you can.

Request a Hearing

Were you given an Order of Suspension and Officer’s Certification at the time of your drunk driving arrest in Maryland? That means that you need to request, in writing, a formal hearing with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) within 10 days of the date of the stop to contest the suspension of your license. The MVA and the police will not give you a hearing date without the proper paperwork and fees, so you must stay on top of scheduling.

Choose an Experienced Attorney

When your ability to drive, hold a job and be a productive member of society is threatened, why would you risk your future in the hands of someone without experience handling DUI cases? Just like you would choose the best possible doctor to treat a serious health condition, you should select the best possible lawyer to handle your drunk driving case. Maryland DUI law is very complex, and consequences can be irreparably damaging. 

Need Help After a Drunk Driving Arrest? Call Mobley and Brown, LLP

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